DC to AC Power Inverter with 800 watt Microwave

Can I use a Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverter to Run my 800 watt microwave? Also will life span of the microwave be shorten because it is being run by a DC to AC Power Inverter?

It is true that some Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverters will not be able to run microwave ovens. This is mostly the case will lower end power inverters, the reason for this is that their wave or current of electricity is simply not stable enough to operate the microwave. Whenever you are using a modified sine wave power inverter the square wave output can verify based on quality of the inverter. It is best to check with maker before purchasing the power inverter, all brand have preformed these tests and can give you a definite answer weather it will work or not. I recently tested a 1000 watt GE microwave oven with a 3000 watt 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC Royal Power PI-3000 Power Inverter and it was able to handle long cooking loads with ease, as well as specialty cooking settings. Basically what will happen if you power inverter cant handle the microwave is that when the oven tries to start the working the surge will automatically shutdown the power inverter and microwave, be careful as this can cause damage to microwave oven.

As for the life span of your microwave oven or even any electronic being used with a DC to AC Power Inverter the damage be dependent on the quality of output wave. If the output wave is good then the electronics should not experience and long term damage and should function properly and last the same amount of time as if you have were using it in a standard home 115 volt AC outlet. Some people might advise you to use a Pure Sine wave dc to ac power inverter with your microwave oven, some microwave do require a pure sine inverter. You can always check with the manufacture to see if the output wave is require to be at a certain level, and then check with the power inverter maker to see if their wave meets the necessary requirements.

DC to AC Power Inverter with 800 watt Microwave

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